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Baby Water Moccasin on Beach - R156a

Field Notes - People don't usually think of snakes when they think of the beach, but they can actually be quite common at Gulf Islands National Seashore, near Pensacola Beach, FL. I came across this baby Water Moccasin one morning while walking in one of the semi-wooded areas of the island. It was very small, maybe 11-12 inches long, and still sported the orangish color and greenish tail of a newly born moccasin. Even though very small it still had the classic moccasin "fat" body and beautiful markings. Just in case you're wondering, all venomous snakes in the USA come fully equipped with venom at birth and their venom is equally potent to larger venomous snakes. Of course, all snakes, whether venomous or not, are a wonderful part of nature and deserve our respect and protection. They will NOT chase you or attack you unprovoked. Simply leave them alone and they will leave you alone.

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