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Greeting The Morning - _1FX4257

Field Notes - I've both loved and been fascinated by alligators since I was a child. There are just the neatest creatures and absolute masters of efficiency. They get a bad rap because of occasional unfortunate encounters with humans but that's not their fault. We humans have encroached upon their territory time and time again and every now and then a gator is going to make a mistake and grab someone or someone's pet. The gator's brain is only about the size of a walnut so there's no real reasoning power there, they act out of instinct. Just like snakes, if you leave them alone, don't feed them or aggravate them, they will be more than happy to leave you alone. Observe them from a distance, enjoy them as a wonderful part of nature, and respect their right to live and all will be good.

_1FX4257 - Greeting the Morning 2 - cont
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