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Walden's Grocery - _1FX7436

Field Notes = Driving through the small community of Grandview, Florida one morning, we came across this great piece of Americana that sadly has seen better days.  Stores like Walden's Grocery were the backbone of so many communities not very long ago, before Interstate highways and huge "Whatever-Marts" of today. My Grandparents had a small general store like this in Fort Deposit, Alabama, except it was only about a third the size of this one. Their store had two gas pumps, a pot-bellied stove that burned coal for heat, and just a ceiling fan for cooling for the longest time. I don't remember exactly when they put a window air conditioner in, but I was probably a teenager by then. There was a wooden bench with a back and several old heavily worn wicker chairs the "Regulars" would occupy for while each day. Those memories are certainly among the most precious memories of my childhood and into adulthood.

_1FX7436 - Waldens Grocery - NIK - 2400.
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